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Website Analytics

PPC campaigns, direct, social, SEO… We evaluate all your internet traffic sources! An analytics audit will provide you with eye opener insight as to how you can continue to improve the experience of your website’s visitors as well as increase your conversion rate, which will undoubtedly lead you towards establishing a successful business. Don’t wait contact us now speak with a digital marketing expert and receive free consultation!

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Our SEO services include the following:

Analyse & Monitor traffic

Track Goals and Conversions

Evaluate Mobile Performance

Website Analytics

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The following are examples of key elements Marketing Websites can setup, audit, and monitor.

We will also structure our reports to suit your business needs:

  • We will also structure our reports to suit your business needs:
  • Track Goals and Conversions
  • Evaluate Adwords Campaigns Performance
  • Detect Areas for Improvement
  • Troubleshoot Site Issues
  • Analyse Customer Behavior
  • Evaluate Mobile Performance
  • Test the Efficacy of Your Landing Pages.
  • Test & Optimize the Download Speed of Your Landing Pages.