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Social Media Management

It is our agency’s principal aspirations to offer a proficient social media management service to our clients who strongly wish to find innovative social and interactional approaches with their existing and prospective clients. Our strategies and practices enable our clients to successfully envision and embark on their social media projects. Our management and organizational skills would certainly ensure significant results and thus create professional satisfaction.

We seek to insure that your business assumes a remarkable status in the online networking field. Significant consultations would undoubtedly develop your business and make it expand so it can ultimately enhance its revenues. We are here to help you stimulate your digital marketing activities and maximize your profits. We promise proficient and outstanding social media management services to our local Montreal clients.

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Our Services

Our social media services include the following:

Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing

Performance Reports

Social Media Management

Our service includes

but not limited to the following:

  • Strategy creation.
  • Daily social media management.
  • Audience interest & demographic targeting.
  • Designing and posting compelling ads.
  • Create innovative campaigns.
  • Monthly performance reports
  • Facebook Ad Campaign optimization.
  • Identifying the right channels.
  • Creating a strong customer base.
  • Creating coherent shareable contents.
  • Building up an audience and engaging with them.
  • Composing systematic posts and updates.
  • Utilizing promotions, offers and discounts to maximize interaction and increase communication.